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Richard Herring <junk@[]>
Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:22:23 +0100
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Protoman <> writes

Thomas J. Gritzan wrote:

Protoman schrieb:
[ SmrtPtr<> template class ]

OK, I fixed the above, but, now I'm wondering: is SmrtPtr<T> safe to
use in a container, such as a linked list? Is it thread safe?

Depends on the container, if it can be used with it.

For the standard container classes, the values have to have
value-semantics. If your smart pointer works as it should, then its safe
to use in on of them.

For thread safety: Don't ask here, since C++ doesn't know about threads
(you should know this already)

OK, but how do I access this:

class Data
Data():plus(new long double),mult(new long double),pow(new long
SmrtPtr<long double> plus;

Why? It appears to be a simple value class, so why do you have yet
another level of indirection just to access public data members?

SmrtPtr<long double> mult;
SmrtPtr<long double> pow;

SmrtPtr<Data> tuple(new Data);
//how do I access the members of tuple?


Richard Herring

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