Order of destructor execution.

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:03:56 -0700
Sorry if this may seem to be very obvious, but it is important and I
decided to ask.

I have the following classes:

class MutexWrapper
      MutexWrapper( void );
      void lock( void ); //Maybe const, whatever.
      void unlock( void ); //As well.
      ~MutexWrapper( void );

class MutexLocker
      MutexLocker( MutexWrapper& mut ){ mut.lock(); } //Perhaps it
could be const MutexWrapper& mut (?)
      ~MutexLocker( void ){ mut.unlock(); }

So that I want to sync acces to the variable
volatile unsigned cont
in the following piece of code (supposing there is a global
MutexWrapper mut ):

unsigned getCont( void )
   MutexLocker( mut );
   return( cont );

Will the destructor ~MutexLocker() be executed before the copy
constructor of unsigned? It seems logical if this return statement
could be interpreted as a placement new in the adress given by the
return variable, something like the equivalence of:

c = getCont();


   MutexLocker( mut );
   new( &c ) unsigned( cont );

If so, my code seems to be correct. Is it true?


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