Re: Delete a list item from a separate thread safe?

Joe Greer <>
Mon, 28 Apr 2008 18:53:25 +0200 (CEST)
<Xns9A8E8320B44F8jgreerdoubletakecom@> wrote in news:39174a94-0c45-4917-aab4-5d6d289ecd52


I have been going through the comments. I am facing the same scenario
of deleting an item in a list invalidates all iterators, references,
and pointers to the item.

Yes, but only the item deleted, iterators etc referring to other items are
left alone. (we are talking std::list, right?

If this is actually an issue, then you aren't managing your object lifetime
properly. You should only be deleting items from the list if you know that
no other parts of your code are expecting that item to be there, so this
should never be an issue.

But does this also happen in case of addition of a new item from a
separate thread to the list. Will this also cause invalidation of the
iterators ??

No, new items won't have iterators etc referring to them, so they can't be
invalidated. No other iterators will be invalidated either by an insertion
of a new item.


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