Re: Access to different database types

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26 Mar 2007 04:56:47 -0700
On 26 Mar, 09:55, wrote:


i need your help.

I want to implement using c/c++ where I can access to different
database types as PostSQL, MySQL etc. The heterogenous databases are
on different servers.

Yes, you'll have to create wrappers around the interfaces to the
different databases, something like this:

class DBConnection{}

class PGConnection : public DBConnection {}

class MYConnection : public DBConnection {}

Is that possible? Furthermore I want to include an access
authorization which defines the write- or read-access of each user.

I'm no expert but I think that such controls in general are part of
the DB, so all the user will have to do is to connect to the DB using
your generic connection (outlined above) and the DB will make all
access checks needed.

I hope this group could help me....I am looking for good ideas.

We can help with any questions you have regarding how to do certain
things in C++, however I suspect that you'll need some help getting
familiar with the different APIs of the DBs, and for such things the
different groups concerning the DB in question will be much more

Erik Wikstr=F6m

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