Re: is it possible to get a unique key for a (instance, method) pair?

"Greg Herlihy" <>
13 Dec 2006 08:34:09 -0500
<> wrote:

In the example I'm trying to store a (instance, method) pair
as key in a map, but I'm failing because of a comparison "<"
in the "std::pair"! (code after dashed line in example)

2) Why do I want have this key? .....
- - -> 3) Problem:
- - -
I'm trying to avoid attaching twice the same (instance,method) pair to
the same subject wrapped by different command objects (Wrapper0 in
given example). Therefore I tried to use a map - see 1) and see

#include <assert.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <map>

class X
         void test1() {std::cout << "X::test1" << std::endl;}
         void test2() {std::cout << "X::test2" << std::endl;}

int main()
     X x1;
     X x2;

     Wrapper meth1 = make_wrapper(&x1, &X::test1);

     Wrapper meth2 = make_wrapper(&x1, &X::test2);

     Wrapper meth3 = make_wrapper(&x2, &X::test1);

     assert( meth1->isEqual(meth3.get()));

The key to ranking the member function pointers safely - is to wrap
each one in a wrapper object and to always wrap the same member pointer
in the same wrapper object. Because once a direct one-to-one
correspondence between member pointers and wrapper object instances has
been established - then simply comparing the addresses of two wrapper
objects (with std::less()) would be all that is needed to be able to
make safe, and totally ordered comparisons between any two member
function pointers.

For example:

    template < class T >
    struct Wrapper
        typedef void (T::*Simple_Method)();

        // static factory method
        template < Simple_Method SM >
        static Wrapper* Get()
            static Wrapper sWrapper(SM);

            return &sWrapper;

        // less than comparison
        bool operator<( const Wrapper& rhs ) const
            return std::less<Wrapper>()( this, &rhs );

        // invoke wrapped member function
        void operator()( T& t)

        Wrapper(Simple_Method inMF) : mf(inMF) {}

        Simple_Method mf;

    typedef Wrapper<X> WrapperX, * WrapperXPtr;

    int main()
        WrapperXPtr testOne = WrapperX::Get< &X::test1 >();
        WrapperXPtr testTwo = WrapperX::Get< &X::test2 >();

        testOne < testTwo; // OK

Essentially, a wrapper object would replace the member function pointer
within the the std::pair in the original program.


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