Re: More keyword abomination by C++0x

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Wed, 29 Apr 2009 08:08:54 CST
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 "Chris Morley" <> wrote:

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In article <49f5e038$0$2539$>,
  "Chris Morley" <> wrote:

What _problem_ do
references even solve?

If you didn't have references, what would you return from operator=(),
operator++(), etc.?

Could have been done with pointers, but wasn't so doesn't really matter ;)

mytype* operator=(const mytype* Rhs) { ...; return this;}

Would have worked equally as well.

Then how does the expression:

a = ++b;


Combining two separate concepts (pointer and dereferenced pointer, which
is what you seem to be trying to do) almost always turns out to be a bad

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