Re: More keyword abomination by C++0x

Wed, 29 Apr 2009 20:16:29 CST
On Apr 28, 8:53 pm, "Chris Morley" <> wrote:

"Nevin :-] Liber" <> wrote in

If you didn't have references, what would you return from operator=(),
operator++(), etc.?

Could have been done with pointers, but wasn't so doesn't really matter ;)

mytype* operator=(const mytype* Rhs) { ...; return this;}

Would have worked equally as well.

No, it wouldn't. If you defined this operator, then how would you
assign one pointer to another?
Or rather, how do you explain to a newcomer to the language that
mytype* operator=(const mytype* rhs);
is not used when doing this:

mytype *p = new mytype;

There is just so much duplication across pointers & references in my
opinion. References make for neater reading code:
int foo(int& a, int& b) {return a-b;} vs. int foo(int* a, int* b) {return
*a-*b;} & . instead of ->
But anytime you want 'object or NULL' behaviour I use pointers anyway.

Obviously. The fact that references can't be null is a great help in
most situations. For those where it isn't, you can of course use
pointers. But I prefer Boost.Optional.


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