object used to convert a pointer to a c string

Vincent R <anonymous@nospam.org>
Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:48:43 +0200

I would like to write some helper function to convert some pointer
pointing to a whchar_t*(windows unicode) to a standard utf8 string.
Here is the code I currently have :

OS_GDAbItem_GetProperty(GDAbItem* gpContact, EAbItemProp eAbPropId)
    ErrorCode err;
    void* pRet = NULL;
    CEPROPVAL *lpProp;

GDPropVal* gynPropVal = NULL;
err = GDAbItem_GetPropertyEx(gpContact, eAbPropId, &gynPropVal);
if (err == 0)
    lpProp = (CEPROPVAL *) gynPropVal->pOsPropVal;
    if (lpProp->wFlags != CEDB_PROPNOTFOUND)
        switch( gynPropVal->ulPropType )
        case CEVT_LPWSTR:
                pRet = lpProp->val.lpwstr ;
#ifndef _UNICODE
                // HERE I SHOULD convert val.lpwstr to a // utf8 string and
then deallocate // original string
                  case CEVT_FILETIME:
                pRet = &(lpProp->val.filetime)

return pRet

I would like to avoid to put #ifndef everywhere in my code, that's why I
wanted to make a simple class that would do the ugly job.
Actually the pointer I am interested in is a void* ie it can point to
anything BUT in the case I am assigning from a windows unicode string
(const wchar_t*) I want to do some specific action(convert into utf8).

So I am starting with this :

template <typename T>
class IConvPtr
    IConvPtr& IConvPtr::operator=(T* aptr)
        m_ptr = aptr;
         inline void* getPtr() { return m_ptr; }
    void* m_ptr;

But not sure this is a right way of doing it. So to sum up as long as
assigned pointer is not a const wchar_t* I just copy pointer otherwise I
do some action.

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