Re: Old Meyers C++ compiler test no longer valid?

litb <>
Sat, 18 Jul 2009 20:48:27 CST
On 17 Jul., 16:41, CornedBee <> wrote:

On Jul 16, 7:33 pm, Russ Bryan <> wrote:

I dug up this compiler test submitted to Digital Mars by Scott Meyers
in 2001. At the time, the claim was that Borland and Comeau were able
to compile this code successfully. I've just tried this code with the
Comeau test compiler and VS2008 SP1 and both of them report errors on
lines 32 and 34.

const class {
   template <class T>
   operator T*() const {return 0;}

   template <class C, class T>
   operator T C::*() const {return 0;}

} null = {};

Maybe the compilers now refuse to deduce T to the member function
closure type "dereferenced member function pointer in C". After all,
what would they do if you then declared a variable of that type?

There is not such a thing. T is a normal function type. You cannot
declare a variable of type "T" because T is a function type. As T is a
dependent type, you may not even declare a function with it (14.3.1/3)

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