Re: Multidimensional array member initialization

"io_x" <a@b.c.invalid>
Mon, 11 Jan 2010 07:58:50 +0100
"Gert-Jan de Vos" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
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<> wrote:


I would like to create an Image class. A use of this class could be
something as:

What about this?

; nasmw -fobj this.asm
; bcc32 -v that.cpp this.obj
section _DATA use32 public class=DATA

global @Image@fill2$qr7Color3d

section _TEXT use32 public class=CODE

; 0j, 4i, 8ra, 12&This_i, 16&Color3d_j
          align 4
          push esi
          push edi
          mov esi, dword[esp+ 12]
          cmp esi, 0
          jne .1
..e: mov eax, 0
          jmp short .z
..1: mov eax, [esi]
          mov ecx, [esi+4] ;eax=h, ecx=w
          mul ecx
          cmp edx, 0
          jne .e
          cmp eax, 0
          jl .e
          mov ecx, eax ;ecx=h*w
          mov edi, [esi+8]
          cmp edi, 0
          je .e ;edi=pxs
          mov esi, dword[esp+ 16]
          mov eax, [esi]
          mov edx, [esi+4]
          mov esi, [esi+8]
..2: mov [edi], eax
          mov [edi+4], edx
          mov [edi+8], esi
          add edi, 12
          loop .2
          mov eax, 1
          pop edi
          pop esi
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <stdint.h>

#define u8 uint8_t
#define i8 int8_t
#define u32 uint32_t
#define i32 int32_t
// float 32 bits
#define f32 float
#define f64 double

#define S sizeof
#define R return
#define P printf
#define F for

using namespace std;

struct Color3d{f32 r, g, b;};

class Image{
  u32 height;
  u32 width;
  Color3d* pxs;

  Image(i32 h, i32 w)
  {i32 i, g;

   height=0; width=0; pxs=0;
   if(w<=0||h<=0) return;
   g =h*S(Color3d);
   if(g<=0) return;
   if(g<=0) return;
   cout << "Size=" << g << "\n";
   pxs=(Color3d*) malloc(g);
   if(pxs==0) return;
   height=h; width=w;


  Color3d& v(int h, int w)
    {return *(pxs+w+h*width);}

  int fill (Color3d& color)
  {u32 x, y;
   if(pxs==0) R 0;
   for(x=0; x<height; ++x)
     {for(y=0; y<width; ++y)
   R 1;

  int fill1(Color3d& color)
  {u32 x, end;
   Color3d *p;
   if(pxs==0) R 0;
   for(x=0; x<end; ++x, ++p)
   R 1;

int fill2(Color3d& color);

class Indexer{
  Color3d* data;
  Indexer(Color3d* dat) : data(dat){}
  Color3d& operator[](int x){return data[x];}

  // img[y] is Indexer
  // img[y][x] is *&Color3d
  Indexer operator[](int y)
    {return Indexer(pxs+y*width);}


int main(void)
{Color3d h={0.78373, 0.1383, 1-0.78373-0.1383};
 Image g(768, 1024);

 cout << "Inizio\n";
    {cout << "Error\n"; return 0;}

 cout << "(r,g,b)==(" << g.v(0,0).r << ", "
                      << g.v(0,0).g << ", "
                      << g.v(767,1024).b << ")\n";
 cout << "g[767][1024].b==" << g[767][1024].b << "\n";
 cout << "g[767][1023].b==" << g[767][1023].b << "\n";
 cout << "end\n";
 R 0;

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