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I'm using a class which can sinksort an array of it's own objects and
an example T class, which can have names and stuff...
I was in doubt about what to do about nearly any line, so I would love
any of your recommendations...

what about this?


but i can debug all single bit of that

This code works, after a fashion, because those strings are all literals.
would happen if you were reading values from a file?

no problem, i make local copy

hope not much wrong

#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#define R return
using namespace std;

char* faiMemCopia(char* v)
{int i, n;
 char *p;
 if(v==0) R 0;
 if(n<=0) R 0;
 p=(char*) malloc(n+1);
 if(p==0) R 0;
 for(i=0; i<n; ++i)
 R p;

class T{
 char *num_, *surname_;
 char *key_;

 T(){num_=0; surname_=0; key_=0;}

 int alloca(char *num, char *key, char *surname)
 {num_=0; surname_=0; key_=0;
  if(num_==0) return 0;
        free(num_); num_=0;
        R 0;
  if(key_==0){free(surname_); surname_=0;
              goto la0;
  R 1;

 void Tfree(void)
 {free(num_); free(key_); free(surname_);
  num_=0; surname_=0; key_=0;

T& operator=(T& r)
{free(num_); free(key_); free(surname_);
 alloca(r.num_, r.key_, r.surname_);
 R *this;


class ArrArrT{
T** v;
int n;
int sz;

  ArrArrT(){v=0; n=0; sz=0;}

  int add(char *num, char *key, char *surname)
  {if(sz<=n){T **p;
             p=(T**)realloc(v, (n+128)*sizeof(T*));
             if(p==0) R 0;
             v =p;
   v[n]=(T*) malloc(sizeof(T));
   if(v[n]==0) R 0;
   if( v[n]->alloca(num, key, surname)==0)
                {free(v[n]); R 0;}
   R 1;

void sort()
{int i, hit=1, len=n;
 T *temp;

      for(i=0; i<len; ++i)
            {temp=v[i]; v[i]=v[i+1]; v[i+1]=temp; hit=1;}

 ~ArrArrT(){int i=n;
            for(--i; i>=0; --i)

 T& operator[](int i)
 {static T no;
    {cout << "\n\aIndice fuori dei limiti\n"; R no;}
  R *(v[i]);


int main(void)
{int i;
 ArrArrT a;
 if(i==0) {cout << "Memory error\n"; R 0;}

 for(i=0; i<a.n; ++i)
    cout <<a.v[i]->surname_<<"\t"<<a.v[i]->key_<<"\n";

 for(i=0; i<a.n; ++i)
    cout <<a[i].surname_<<"\t"<<a[i].key_<<"\n";

 R 0;

Sarah Goldfarb
Tanaka Hideyuki
Thomas Mann
Maurice Ravel
Erik Satie
Mark Twain
Sarah Goldfarb
Tanaka Hideyuki
Thomas Mann
Maurice Ravel
Erik Satie
Mark Twain

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