compile error on constructor/private

eric <>
Wed, 10 Aug 2011 14:13:36 -0700 (PDT)
Dear C/g++ experts:

I declare the following
    template<typename T>
  class DOMPtr {
      DOMPtr(T* t) : t_(t) { }
      ~DOMPtr() { t_->release(); }
      T* operator->() const { return t_; }
      // prohibit copying and assigning
      DOMPtr(const DOMPtr&); // this is my line 38
      DOMPtr& operator=(const DOMPtr&);
      T* t_;
then use it here
        DOMPtr<DOMBuilder> parser =
            static_cast<DOMImplementationLS*> // this is 94
(impl)->createDOMBuilder(DOMImplementationLS::MODE_SYNCHRONOUS, 0);
        // Construct a DOMWriter to save animals.xml
        DOMPtr<DOMWriter> writer =

createDOMWriter(); // this 140

but it can not compile success
Example14-10.cpp: In function =91int main()':
Example14-10.cpp:38:7: error: =91DOMPtr<T>::DOMPtr(const DOMPtr<T>&)
[with T = xercesc_2_8::DOMBuilder, DOMPtr<T> =
DOMPtr<xercesc_2_8::DOMBuilder>]' is private
Example14-10.cpp:94:111: error: within this context
Example14-10.cpp:38:7: error: =91DOMPtr<T>::DOMPtr(const DOMPtr<T>&)
[with T = xercesc_2_8::DOMWriter, DOMPtr<T> =
DOMPtr<xercesc_2_8::DOMWriter>]' is private
Example14-10.cpp:140:70: error: within this context
it looks my instantiate go through private as well as constructor(or
not go through constructor at all),
which is out of expectation
need your help/hint/suggestion on how to fix it, and not deviate from
origin textcontext of book author
(c++ cookbook)(you can download the code from
on 14-10.cpp, and animals.xml at 14-1.xml, to test by yourself
thanks a lot in advance, Eric(g++4.5.2, linux2.6.38-10)

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