Re: Constructor question...

Luca Risolia <>
Wed, 20 Feb 2013 00:31:45 +0100
On 19/02/2013 20:40, Tobias M??ller wrote:

That's not quite true. One of them has to be convertible to the type of the
Since A has only one constructor, they have to be convertible to a common
type (let's call it Z) anyway. That means, with an appropriate cast on
either x or y, the ternary operator is perfectly suitable for any possible
combination of x, y and Z.

Luca Risolia is right in that the OP hasn't provided sufficient
information to give an accurate answer.

That's where we disagree.

If you define A (according to the OP's requirements), x and y as
follows, then, although the OP example compiles without problems, "A
a(cond ? x : y);" will not compile:

struct A {
    A(int = 0) {};
    operator int() {};

int main() {
    int x;
    A y;
    A a(true ? x : y); // error: ambiguous

source.cpp:9:13: error: conditional expression is ambiguous; 'int' can
be converted to 'A' and vice versa
A a(true ? x : y);

Therefore, as I said, the answer to the OP question in general depends
on the definition of A and the types of x and y, which were not given in
the question.

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