Re: object copy with reference

Werner <>
Mon, 26 Sep 2011 01:32:42 -0700 (PDT)
On Sep 26, 10:26 am, Werner <> wrote:

How about making mysuperclass a pointer (or a smart pointer of some
kind), then you can initialize it to zero (or in the case of smart_ptr
it happens automatically). I'd use scoped_ptr in this case..., but as
example I'd this use a bald pointer...


I've decided to throw in a smart pointer example too:

#include <memory>

struct MySuper
  virtual MySuper* clone() const = 0;

  //... rest of interface

  //... lets not forget this...
  virtual ~MySuper() = 0;

class Thread
    void associate( MySuper& super );

    std::auto_ptr<MySuper> super_;

void Thread::associate( MySuper& super )
  super_.reset( super.clone() );

{ }


I've used auto_ptr in scoped_ptr's stead just because
for you it might be readily available, whereas scoped_ptr
(or a version thereof) you can get from, but
your version of STL might not support scoped_ptr out of the

Kind regards,


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