Re: Consolidating java objects

Robert Klemme <>
Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:04:13 +0200
On 17.10.2006 15:52, Dave wrote:

I will certainly try not to top post, I apologize for that. It has
been a while since I've used newsgroups so I have to try to remember
the proper posting rules.

No prob. And: yeah, it is a quite unique community. :-) You'll
probably easy remember once you tried to dug yourself through a lengthy
posting with multiple quotes. :-))

I would not consider that "pure OO". That's plain nonsense. You can
achieve the same level of encryption by nesting function calls that deep
in other languages.

He called himself a 'pure OO' programmer, which is why I used that

Ah, I see.

He was also fired for trying to refactor everyone else's code on
that project into the same garbage, and then when I caught it during
code reviews and management and I explained why that was a bad idea for
maintenance, he deleted everything he'd ever written including out of
VSS and then he was fired. Luckily there were recent backups of that


I'd like to make two requests: please stop using the word "object" when
in fact you mean "class". This is bound to cause confusion. We have
some terms with pretty clear meaning in CS and it helps communication
greatly if everybody sticks to them.

Sorry, when they are being called DAOs or Data Access Objects and that
is how I hear them called all day long by everyone including our
architect, I've kind of adopted that term. I know it is a class, but
it is a hard habit to break.

I see. Maybe then stick with DAO - but then again, Microsoft's version
is dead (replaced by ADO, they still have some permutations left :-)).
But yes, old habits die hard...

And please do not top post. :-)

Did I do any better on this?

Perfect! Bottom posting and truncated quotes. :-)

I wish you luck - and fun!

Kind regards


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