Re: Verify java version when running jar file

Knute Johnson <>
Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:42:55 -0700
hust6 wrote:

I have a problem that seems simple, but has been stumping me for some
time. I have an executable jar file that I have distributed out to
other people. It relies on Java 1.4.2, but some of the customers have
1.3. Is there anything that I can do in the Manifest or Java code to
catch this problem right away, so that the application can fail
gracefully? Currently, it just ends up at a NoClassDefFound.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


The answer is in the NoClassDefFoundError. Create a class that you know
requires 1.4 and catch the NoClassDefFoundError. If it catches it you
know that either they are using a version without that class or there is
some other problem loading the class. In either case it won't run.


Knute Johnson
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