Re: Split group?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
26 Dec 2006 18:16:14 -0800
John Ersatznom wrote:

I browsed some of the rest of the responses just to
check that the process of establishing groups had
been covered, but will reply to this one..

This newsgroup seems to be rather busy, and fully 50% of the traffic
seems to deal with deploying Web services, phone software, or other
esoterica involving net-distributed apps, versus maybe 50% dealing with
core Java programming. (These figures obtained after ignoring all
traffic not actually concerned with Java at all.)

Looking at my newsgroup list at this server I see,
c.l.j.corba, and c.l.j.databases which seem to cover a substantial
fraction of the former 50%. On the other hand, it's rather fragmented.
Perhaps whoever manages these things might look into maybe merging those
into c.l.j.web or similarly and suggesting shifting the jsp, servlet,
etc. traffic here to that group.

Since this thread later developed into a 'canvas of
opinions/views', I'll throw mine in.

I am currenlty lurking in c.l.j.db, and think it should
remain distinct as a group.
I would vote against any change to it.

I would vote *for* trimming some groups which now
seem extraneous, such as CORBA and beans.

OTOH, I can see no sense splitting of the EE or ME
into separate groups. There are very few ME posts
(to my eye), and it would not make a viable group,
of its own right. For EE, the situation is more
summarised by the (hypothetical) question/title..

   "Why my servlet throw NPE?"

This might be an EE question, but the problem might
also be something caused in J2SE, and indeed it is
probable that since the OP asked the question, they
have no clue which it is.

(And what the devil is for? ..

Applets in DHTML, especially when the JS and applet
are interacting directly with each other.

Note that AFAIU, it is not an official 'big 8' group,
though it is carried by many servers. As such, I am
guessing it would be almost impossible to 'kill' it,
so long as servers carry it, and people post to it.

Andrew T.

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