Re: Prevent Eclipse from IO access to source code on *any* GUI interaction

Robert Klemme <>
Tue, 08 Jan 2013 23:30:47 +0100
On 07.01.2013 22:15, Marcel M=FCller wrote:

I am working with Eclipse Juno in a cross platform development. The
source code is on a NFS server, which is not that fast.

NFS has also other issues (file locking, timestamps - might be dependent =

on the NFS version used) which make it a sub optimal choice for
development and building in my experience.

Unfortunately Eclipse seems to access the source files over and over, I=

guess to verify whether they are modified or removed in the file system=


This causes GUI interactions like moving files from one editor to
another to become incredibly slow. It sometimes takes seconds until the=

green highlight responds to mouse movements. And often I create new
editors accidentally. Other actions like changing the current file are
affected too.

Is it possible to avoid these kind of access? I do not need the up to
date checks. Especially not /that/ often.

You can tweak that a bit via settings but I am afraid not to a level
which would make working on an NFS share comfortable.

Using a local workspace speed up the things at least by a factor 10. Bu=


this also increases the compile time on the remote machine by a factor
10, which is definitely undesirable.

That I don't really understand. Wouldn't you check out your files on
the remote machine from some kind of version control system and build
there? You're not placing only build artifacts on the NFS mount, do you?=

If you do not want to go down the route of distributed version control
(which you should for a whole lot of other reasons) you could have your
workspace local and rsync it when doing the build to the remote machine. =

  Then start the build there. But this is really a crutch.

Kind regards


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