Re: I need to retrieve an Object[] of all keys in java.util.Hashtable

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13 Feb 2007 10:00:31 -0800
On Feb 13, 12:57 pm, "Oliver Wong" <> wrote:

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public abstract class ArrayFunctionality {

    * Construct {@link java.lang.Object} array of keys from {@link
    * @param h {@link java.util.Hashtable}
    * @return array {@link java.lang.String}
    * @throws java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException Exception thrown if
initial {@link java.lang.Object} array paramater cannot be indexed
   public static Object[] arrayKeys(Hashtable<Object, Object> h)
throws IndexOutOfBoundsException {
       Vector<Object> v = new Vector<Object>();
       Enumeration keys = h.keys();
       while (keys.hasMoreElements()) v.add(keys.nextElement());
       return v.toArray();


// HOWEVER, this occurs with Hashtable<String, String> attrs:

if (hasSetHashtable) String[] keyArray =

// DOES NOT COMPILE: ".class expected - not a statement"


I am not understanding why this is occurring, please advise, I'm lost
on this one.

Sorry, but that *is* the entire error! It does not compile and that's
all you get when you use NetBeans 5.5 IDE

From a quick initially glance, it looks like you've misplaced the /** such
that it's commenting out your class declaration.

    - Oliver

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