Re: calling a method with 'throws IOException' from another method in the same class

"Andrew Thompson" <>
27 Jan 2007 22:30:37 -0800
On Jan 28, 5:00 pm, wrote:

I have a method defined as follows in a class:

        public static void salary_proj_accept()throws IOException

Later in the same class I have another method

   public void salaryPay(float startsalary, float salaryincrease, int
percentincreasefro, int percentincreaseto, int yearto)

  // declare it throws an IOE
  throws IOException


I'm trying to call the first method by:

However when I do so, I'm told I need to throw an exception...


Is there a way that I can call my first method?

try {
catch (IOException ioe) {

- Please follow the common class/method/attribute
conventions for names, e.g. salaryProjAccept()
when posting code
- is a good group for those
starting Java.


Andrew T.

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