Re: Using set and get methods in an inherited class

Mark Space <>
Thu, 01 Feb 2007 00:36:15 GMT
This is pretty simple, actually. wrote:

     //Accept input
    public void acceptPay()throws IOException
        //Set variables to use
        float HoursWorked;
        int StraightHours;
        float HourlyRate;
        char ex;

These are local variables, not class variables.

They only work inside this method.

         System.out.print("Enter number of hours worked (00.0):");
        //Create a new object to access the acceptinputFloat in the Accept

                                Accept passHoursWorked = new Accept();
        HoursWorked = passHoursWorked.acceptInputFloat();


I'm not sure exactly what's going on here. What is the Accept() object
for? You also don't show us what the routine "setHours() does.
CalPayroll appears to have no class variables at all. But it doesn't

     //System.out.println(getHours()); //THIS WORKS TO GET THE HOURS THAT WAS SET ABOVE

        CalPayroll display = new CalPayroll();

You make a brand new object here, display, and you don't set any
variable for it. You don't call display.setHours() or anything, so of
course its internal variables are all still initialized to their
defaults (0.0 in the case of a float).


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