Re: Generics headache

Tom Anderson <>
Sun, 27 Jul 2008 15:12:34 +0100
On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, Lew wrote:

Leonardo Teixeira Passos wrote:

Uppss... my bad... I wrote an incorret piece of code (thanks Lew). The
mentioned subclass is as follows:

  public class CupParser extends Parser {
     public AST (Scanner scanner, Map<String, LinkedList<String> >
        throws Exception, ParseException, ScanException {

which leads to the problem mentioned by the open-jdk compiler.

Now I can ask what happens with the Sun Java compiler.

What happens with the Sun Java compiler?

Other things aside, isn't "public AST(" declaring a constructor? Given
that this class isn't called AST, that won't work, and has nothing to do
with overriding.

Although i could well believe that this is another typo on the OP's part.

And I repeat, because it's even more important than when I first mentioned

Give us an SSCCE. That will solve the problem before you even post the

Really - do that. Your first mistaken example provides sufficient proof that
it's a good thing to do, even if it weren't enough that doing so usually
illuminates the solution before you post the example.

Provide an SSCCE.

Since the problem here is a compilation error, the second C in SSCCE may
be a bit optimistic. Still, the principle holds.


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