Re: Exception Names

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:25:58 GMT
"Roedy Green" <> wrote in message

It may be too late now, but it would be nice if some exceptions were
renamed and the old names deprecated.

NullPointerException : We Javites make such a production of the fact
Java has no pointers, just references. This should be called

IllegalArgumentException: there is nothing illegal involved. This
should be renamed InvalidArgumentException.

There needs to be some exceptions much like IllegalArgumentException
that make a finer distinction.

InvalidDataError : Somebody goofed preparing the data.
CorruptDataError : checksums bad, wrong data format.
ProgrammingError : something that should not be possible, similar to a
failed assertion that is not turned off.

Not so much a naming thing, but I kinda wish InterruptedException was a
runtime exception instead of a checked exception. IMHO, there may be more
incorrect code written to handle InterruptedException than all of the others
combined. More often than not, it seems when someone wants to wait, they
catch and "eat" the InterruptedException, often resuming in some loop, when
someone much higher up wanted to interrupt the wait and regain control of
the thread.

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