Re: Forking Inputstream: Am I missing something

"Mike Schilling" <>
Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:42:56 -0700
Dennis wrote:

Dear all,

This has been puzzling me all morning: There is reasonable elegant
way (see example below) to log InputStreams and OutputStreams,
without consuming the streams. However, I cannot find any reference
to it or a good implementation of it anywhere. I tested it and it
seems to work, but I have the nagging idea that I'm missing
something, or I did miss all the references to it on the internet.

I'd probably extend FilterInputStream and just call super() for all the
processing of the "main" stream e,g,

public class TeeInputStream extends FilterInputStream
    private OutputStream m_tee;

    public TeeInputStream(InputStream in, OutputStream fork)

     public int read() throws IOException
        int c =;
        if (b == -1)

    public void close() throws IOException

    // etc.

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