Re: problem with jsp - Base64 decode POST Parameter

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Arne_Vajh=F8j?= <>
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 19:12:20 -0400
On 21-09-2010 23:43, inetquestion wrote:

I am trying to piece together a jsp based on the original PHP code
below to base64 decode a post parameter called: SAMLResponse. The
decoded param should then be printed to the screen with a content type
of xml.

I am having problems getting this to work as I'm not very proficient
at java... The method "Base64.decode" does not appear to be a
standard library...

<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
<%@ page contentType="application/xml" %>

// Get POST param and decode into array
String base64Message = request.getParameter("SAMLResponse");
byte[] decodedBytes = Base64.decode(base64Message);
if (decodedBytes == null) {
String message = "Unable to Base64 decode SAML message";
throw new MessageDecodingException(message);

// Convert the decoded byte[] to the original string and print the
String decodedString = new String(decodedBytes);


There are Base64 support in Java EE.

Method using that:

      public static byte[] b64decode(String s) throws
MessagingException, IOException {
         ByteArrayInputStream bais = new ByteArrayInputStream(s.getBytes());
         InputStream b64is = MimeUtility.decode(bais, "Base64");
         byte[] tmp = new byte[s.length()];
         int n =;
         byte[] res = new byte[n];
         System.arraycopy(tmp, 0, res, 0, n);
         return res;


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