sendmail.jsp: How do I know that mail was send ?

"Dado" <>
Sun, 9 Jul 2006 09:05:35 +0200
I have a small form on my web page with which the visitors send me a

In sendmail.jsp it was written:
    SendMail sendMail = new SendMail();
    sendMail.sendMail(to, from, subject, content, "localhost");

to, from, subject, content
pokupim iz html forme.

sendMail method in SendMail class looks like this:

    public static void sendMail(String to, String from, String subject,
String content, String host) throws Exception {
        // create some properties and get the default Session

        host = "localhost";

        Properties props = new Properties();
        props.put("", host);

        Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);

        try {
            // create a message
            MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(session);
            msg.setFrom(new InternetAddress(from));
   msg.setHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain; charset=windows-1250");
            InternetAddress[] address = {new InternetAddress(to)};
            msg.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, address);
   //msg.setHeader("Content-Transfer-Encoding", "8bit");

            msg.setSentDate(new Date());
            // If the desired charset is known, you can use
            // setText(text, charset)

        } catch (MessagingException mex) {
            System.out.println("\n--Exception handling in");

            Exception ex = mex;
            do {
                if (ex instanceof SendFailedException) {
                    SendFailedException sfex = (SendFailedException)ex;
                    Address[] invalid = sfex.getInvalidAddresses();
                    if (invalid != null) {
                        System.out.println(" ** Invalid Addresses");
                        if (invalid != null) {
                            for (int i = 0; i < invalid.length; i++)
                                System.out.println(" " +
                    Address[] validUnsent = sfex.getValidUnsentAddresses();
                    if (validUnsent != null) {
                        System.out.println(" ** ValidUnsent Addresses");
                        if (validUnsent != null) {
                            for (int i = 0; i < validUnsent.length; i++)
                    Address[] validSent = sfex.getValidSentAddresses();
                    if (validSent != null) {
                        System.out.println(" ** ValidSent Addresses");
                        if (validSent != null) {
                            for (int i = 0; i < validSent.length; i++)
                if (ex instanceof MessagingException)
                    ex = ((MessagingException)ex).getNextException();
                    ex = null;
            } while (ex != null);

Code above send mail successfully if the visitor wrote "from" mail
correctly. But if the visitor leave "from field" empty or put some wrong
mail I need to send him/her a message about un/success sending of comment to
me. How to do it ?

E sad, mail posalje uspjesno ako se mail koji salje (from) navede ispravno.
Kako provjeriti da je "mail from" napisan ispravno, ili, kako provjeriti da
je mail poslan i prema tome napisati obavijest mail uspjesno poslan odnosno
nije poslan ?

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