Re: Red X image displayed where the applet should be, applets won't run

Morton <>
Sat, 05 Apr 2008 13:45:16 +0200
Roedy Green wrote:

On Thu, 03 Apr 2008 13:29:51 +0200, Morten
<> wrote, quoted or indirectly quoted
someone who said :

What! Applets require a web server?

you can run them locally too. With a little work, you can also run
them as an Application.

for how


it seems to work However I found this information easier to understand.

How can an applet load an image?

Image img = getImage(getCodeBase(), "anImage.gif");

that was the right approach.

// "Java Tech"
// Code provided with book for educational purposes only.
// No warranty or guarantee implied.
// This code freely available. No copyright claimed.
// 2003

// Begun with StartJApplet2
// minor modifications by morton

 <applet code="ImageApplet.class" width="300" height="300">

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;

/** Demonstrate drawing an image. **/
public class ImageApplet extends JApplet

     static final long serialVersionUID = -7028750069844823554L;

    public void init ()
    Container content_pane = getContentPane();

    // Grab the image.
    Image img = getImage (getCodeBase(), "duke_waving.gif");

    // Create an instance of DrawingPanel
    DrawingPanel drawing_panel = new DrawingPanel(img);

    // Add the DrawingPanel to the contentPane.
    content_pane.add (drawing_panel);

    } // End init

} // End ImageApplet

/** Draw on a JPanel rather than on JApplet's Panel. **/
class DrawingPanel extends JPanel

     static final long serialVersionUID = 5548184581010973132L;

    Image img;

    DrawingPanel(Image img)
    this.img = img;

    public void paintComponent (Graphics g)
    super.paintComponent (g);

    // Use the image width& width to find the starting point
    int img_x = getSize().width/2 - img.getWidth(this)/2;
    int img_y = getSize().height/2 - img.getHeight(this)/2;

    //Draw image at centered in the middle of the panel
    g.drawImage(img, img_x, img_y, this);

    } // paintComponent

} // class DrawingPanel


 javac -Xlint

bash-3.00$ javac -Xlint warning: [serial] serializable class ImageApplet
has no definition of serialVersionUID
public class ImageApplet extends JApplet
       ^ warning: [serial] serializable class DrawingPanel
has no definition of serialVersionUID
class DrawingPanel extends JPanel
2 warnings

bash-3.00$ serialver ImageApplet
ImageApplet: static final long serialVersionUID = -7028750069844823554L;
bash-3.00$ serialver DrawingPanel
DrawingPanel: static final long serialVersionUID = 5548184581010973132L;


it has two classes and is reported to load on all tested systems with a
recent jvm.

best regards


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