Re: Is an object?

"" <>
Sat, 26 Apr 2008 19:42:16 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 27, 10:16 am, "" <> wrote:

On Apr 27, 9:04 am, tenxian <> wrote:

I think System is an object and in is one of System's fields. Can
someone give me a clarification?


public final static InputStream in = nullInputStream();

     * The following two methods exist because in, out, and err must
     * initialized to null. The compiler, however, cannot be
permitted to
     * inline access to them, since they are later set to more
sensible values
     * by initializeSystemClass().

    private static InputStream nullInputStream() throws
NullPointerException {
    if (currentTimeMillis() > 0)
        return null;
    throw new NullPointerException();

    private static PrintStream nullPrintStream() throws
NullPointerException {
    if (currentTimeMillis() > 0)
        return null;
    throw new NullPointerException();

     * Initialize the system class. Called after thread
    private static void initializeSystemClass() {
    props = new Properties();
    FileInputStream fdIn = new FileInputStream(;
    FileOutputStream fdOut = new FileOutputStream(FileDescriptor.out);
    FileOutputStream fdErr = new FileOutputStream(FileDescriptor.err);
    setIn0(new BufferedInputStream(fdIn));
    setOut0(new PrintStream(new BufferedOutputStream(fdOut, 128), true));
    setErr0(new PrintStream(new BufferedOutputStream(fdErr, 128), true));

    // Load the zip library now in order to keep
    // from trying to use itself to load this library later.

        // Currently File.deleteOnExit is built on JVM_Exit, which is
        // separate mechanism from shutdown hooks. Unfortunately in
order to
        // work properly JVM_Exit implicitly requires that Java signal
        // handlers be set up for HUP, TERM, and INT (where
available). If
        // File.deleteOnExit were implemented in terms of shutdown
hooks this
        // call to Terminator.setup() could be removed.

    // Set the maximum amount of direct memory. This value is controlled
    // by the vm option -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=<size>. This method acts
    // as an initializer only if it is called before

    // Subsystems that are invoked during initialization can invoke
    // sun.misc.VM.isBooted() in order to avoid doing things that should
    // wait until the application class loader has been set up.

        // The main thread is not added to its thread group in the
        // way as other threads; we must do it ourselves here.
        Thread current = Thread.currentThread();

        // Allow privileged classes outside of java.lang access to
            public sun.reflect.ConstantPool getConstantPool(Class
klass) {
                return klass.getConstantPool();

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