Re: <identifier> expected error

Lew <>
Thu, 22 Sep 2011 17:56:03 -0700 (PDT)
Kathy Walker wrote:

Gah. I'm trying to call a method from one class to another. The TA's [sic]
are overloaded so I got no one, can anyone tell me what's wrong? I've
had one java [sic] class like a year ago. Kinda rusty. Thanks!

class NumArrayList implements NumList
  double [] Numbers = new double[3];

  public void main(String args[]){

    Numbers[0] = 100000;
    Numbers[1] = 20.9;
    Numbers[2] = 3;
  public void printArray(){
  for(int i = 0; i<Numbers.length;i++)
    System.out.print(Numbers[i] + " ");

public interface NumList {

So what is the problem you face?

You have left out a lot of details, like what is expected and what's happening instead, and what you're doing to make that happen, but I'll tell you what I see so far.

"... trying to call a method from one class to another."
You don't show any class trying to call a method from another class, or even from itself.

"public void main(String args[]){"
The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needs a public *static* void main method to start a Java program. Your 'main()' is not 'static'.

Your 'for' loop lacks curly braces around its statement body.

You named your number array 'Numbers'. The convention in Java is for variables to start with a lower-case letter, not an upper-case letter. Type (class and interface) names should begin with an upper-case letter.

You should follow your last 'print()' with a 'println()' or you risk not seeing any output at all, because 'System.out' is buffered. A newline (which 'println()' emits) forces a flush to the 'out' stream. The flush empties the buffer to the stream.

Provide more details about your problem, such as what the error message is (verbatim!); a short, self-contained, compilable example ( that demonstrates the error; and the operating conditions that let someone duplicate your error.


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