Re: Signed applet strange behaviour

"Andrew Thompson" <>
11 Aug 2006 04:45:52 -0700
Lukasz wrote:

Thomas Fritsch napisal(a):

Lukasz wrote:

I found that my ItemListener is causing all the problems. After
removing it applet works as it should, but then I have no action when
an element of the Choice is choosen. How can I add this listener to
make everything work?

You are referring to this lines in your
   new ItemListener() {
    public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent evt2){
By using 'new ItemListener() {...}' you tell the compiler to create an
anonymous inner class, contained in file Test$1.class. Because you
missed to include this Test$1.class file in your Test.jar (as Andrew has
already pointed to you), it failed. So fix that first.


Thank You guys for help. Now it is OK.

Glad you got it working. :-)

...and also glad Thomas happened by. It was an
*anonymous* inner class. I had the vague feeling
I was forgetting something, when I described it.. ;-)

Andrew T.

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