Re: how to remove anonymous listener?

Brandon McCombs <>
Fri, 18 Aug 2006 04:41:49 GMT
<hybFg.55256$> wrote:

Brandon McCombs wrote:

I setup an array of combo boxes using the following (some code removed
such as layout properties):

for (int i = 0; i < cbAccountProps.length; i++) {
    cbAccountProps[i] = new JCheckBox(strAccountProps[i]);
    cbAccountProps[i].addItemListener( new ItemListener() {
        public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e) {

When I initialize the dialog window that this code is in the window is
automatically set to show that changes have been made to the user whose
properties are displayed in the dialog. This is because the data is set
while the listeners are active. I already have 2 methods that go
through disabling/enabling all document listeners (for a bunch of
textfields that are also in the dialog window). But I'm not sure how to
remove/add the anonymous inner class above in those same methods so that
when I set data upon the dialog opening it hasn't yet detected changes
programmatically, let alone by the operator of the application. I have a
feeling I will have to have a separate ItemListener class setup so that
I can declare an instance of it.

Although Eric already gave you a solution to your problem, it doesn't
seem to be necessary to remove and readd the listeners all the time.
You could just keep a boolean variable that specifies whether the user
or the app is changing the state of the components, and modify the
notifyChanges method to take into account the state of the variable. Or
even simpler, after loading data into the dialog after it is opened
just do the reverse of notifyChanges (assuming it is easier to do so
than to remove and readd all listeners.)

Also, you don't need to create a separate listener for each checkbox if
all of the listeners do the same thing. You can just add a single
listener to all checkboxes.

Daniel Sj?blom

thanks Daniel, I hadn't thought of just making a single listener since
they do in fact all do the same thing. I just created a class after all
and passed that to the addItemListener() for each checkbox. I'll also
look into the idea of reversing the notifyChanges() method. It doesn't
look to be too difficult and it will be shorter than having a list of
addDocumentListener() and removeDocumentListener().

thanks for the input

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