Re: JSF Phaselisteners

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 24 Dec 2007 06:21:10 GMT
Steve Sobol wrote:

Can someone give me a pointer to a good tutorial explaining the use of
PhaseListeners in JSF?..


Sorry, you can't use that tag anymore, it's deprecated. :)

No problem, specify the -supressWAGwarnings switch
and continue.. ;-)

.. Google isn't very helpful tonight.


...what is your definition of 'good'?

A basic explanation of what a PhaseListener does, for starters,

OK, unfortunately..
..seems less useful than the other 'tutorial' search.

BTW. .. I can
decide whether I want to try implementing one. That's my main requirement.

I tried +jsf +phaselistener +tutorial on Google, just now.

..when I writ 'a+b+c' as the search string, I simply meant use
those three words 'a b c', in the search box. I get used to
*representing* them in the a+b+c form, since that is how
they end up as a link (see above).

... Time to go surf...

Hang ten.

Andrew Thompson

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