Re: Runtime.Exec and windows batch file

17 Oct 2006 13:47:59 -0700
<> wrote:

Gordon Beaton wrote:

On 17 Oct 2006 11:56:42 -0700, wrote:

Hi Im trying to run an Exec(Blah.bat) however it seems to be
freezing for some reason if the exec returns errors then the Exec
does not freez however if run the file and all i get is output it
just freezes.

The following line will attempt to read one line from each of the
streams alternately:

while ( (line = br.readLine()) != null && (line2 = bri.readLine()) !=

As long as both streams have something to read, the loop progresses.
As soon as one stream has nothing, readLine() blocks waiting for it.

There are essentially two ways to do this correctly:

- create a second Thread to read from one of the streams, and read
  from the other one in the original Thread
- use ProcessBuilder to combine the two streams, so you really can
  read from both at the same time.


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Hmmm .....

So do something of this nature:

have a class

public class ReadThread implements Runnable {
BufferedReader reader;

public ReadThread(BufferedReader br) {
       reader = br;

public BufferedReader getReader() {
       return reader;

public void setNumber(BufferedReader br) {
    reader = br;

public void run()
String line2 = null;

try {

    while ( (line2 = reader.readLine()) != null)
                 System.out.println("Error:" + line2 + ":Error");
} catch (IOException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

and from my code instead of having that ugly if statment do

MyThread Error = new MyThread(br);
MyThread Outp = new MyThread(bri);;;

This seems to Block when I run it

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