Re: How to lock 3 JSliders together

Thomas Hawtin <>
Sat, 17 Jun 2006 11:40:16 +0100
Vova Reznik wrote:

TonyZ wrote:

I have 3 JSliders and I want the option of locking their movement
together. I use
a checkbox labeled "Lock Sliders" to determine whether the sliders
should be locked or not.

Haven't try - You may share one BoundedRangeModel between all of your
sliders. Only trick there - each slider has to keep reference to an old
model to make "Unlock" possible.

Models are certainly the way to go. However, setting a model on a live
component might not do exactly what you expect. Many components
(although not JSlider) duplicate listener handling from the model. But
if you set the model and the component changes, then the component
listeners are not fired.

In order for clients to be able to handle components that change models,
they need to listener to "model" property events. It's been known for
the standard PL&Fs to mess that up. Forcing that complexity onto client
code, is probably not a good idea.

A better, but slightly longer, approach is to have a custom model that
can switch backing model, but handles the details of correct event handling.

Tom Hawtin
Unemployed English Java programmer

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