Re: Performance question

Robert Klemme <>
Wed, 09 May 2007 16:13:32 +0200
On 09.05.2007 15:54, Jordi wrote:

Thanks Johsua, Robert and Martin.

I think I will try to use NIO and send my custom objects, each one
being a type of message.
But maybe I will be forced to use text, and use option 2 as there is
no documentation about sending objects through NIO converted to byte
streams, so they remain not blocking.

I don't use RMI because I think NIO can be faster, and I have no idea
of RMI.

This smells like premature optimization. Granted, RMI might not be easy
to set up the first time but it is much easier to add more methods /
messages etc. So *I* would definitively prefer RMI over something

Thanks for all the ideas.
I will explain a bit more, so if you can give me some advice more, I
will appreciate.

The application is a kind of chat with 3d. I need to send some data,
but no complex data.
Just messages that strat an animation, or a color data, or a position.
And of course, wich was the sender.

So the class that encapsulates that data will be small, with few
properties and basically: function-sender-type-value

Most of this data will be integer, text or small float values.

Do you think it would be good to send it as object?
I think it doesn't matter if I send it as object or text, it seems, as
it is really simple data.

Will the data use the same size/bandwith if it is send as String or
char array as it was send as object? How could I measure that?

You can serialize it using a ByteArraOutputStream as output stream and
look at the resulting byte array size.



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