Re: Beginner Security Permissions Questions

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Fri, 11 Jul 2008 02:01:20 GMT
On Jul 11, 5:25 am, Russ <> wrote:

Before I get into the answer, I will point out that you
almost made an 'in-line with trim' reply, which is considered
most optimal, but then continued to requote my entire reply
below that! That is normally referred to as top-posting
and is less than well thought of.

Hi and Thanks Andrew,

..So if you want to thank me, please instead express it
instead in the care you take in trimming the earlier
message (to just the first parts, with no 'full requote'
below them).



Yes I had some doubts on whether my questions were clear.


A visit to the 3D viewer site's forum will also help clear things up
or at least be interesting.

Aha! Looking at that thread and the mention of the
URLClassLoader clarified it for me.

The problem is that when running under webstart
(or an applet), 'all-permissions' only applies to
the code that directly requests (and is granted)
all-permissions, as opposed to any other code it
might load. To get what you want, it is necessary
to either:
1) alter the existing security manager further to
extend permissions to other code, or more easily..
2) setSecurityManager(null);

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

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