Re: How to drop this exception?

"Oliver Wong" <>
Mon, 25 Sep 2006 20:25:11 GMT
"Ikke" <> wrote in message

"Oliver Wong" <> wrote in


c) pass in the name of a class which needs to be instantiated (best
option I guess)

    Possible, but this uses reflection, and generally it's better to
    use a
non-reflective solution in preference to a reflective one.

    Is there a special reason you can't just catch (or throw) the

Yes - it seems sloppy.

The entire reason for using the third party package is to "hide" all the
database stuff (and it's exceptions).

So it's pretty stupid to use a package to hide all that database specific
stuff, if you still have to use the exceptions in order to create objects
to pass to said package!

Personally, I'd prefer NOT to hide the exceptions at all, and just catch
them where they need to be caught.

    Without seeing the API of the package your using, I recommend you catch
(or throw) the exception.

    - Oliver

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