How do I write an ImageIcon object into a file on my computer?

"" <>
16 Jan 2007 13:45:15 -0800
I am about to throw in the towel on Java at this point! Too many

How in the world do you do this one (again, in my native PHP it's
extremely easy:

$fileID = @fopen('/path/to/your/new/file', 'wb');
if ($fileID) {

That's it. Now, how on earth do I do that in Java???

I tried something like this but just fell apart on it:

 * Created on January 10, 2007, 3:47 PM
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package FileTools;


 * @author ppowell-c
public class FileDownloader implements Serializable {

    /** Creates a new instance of FileDownloader */
    public FileDownloader() {}

    public static void download(URL url, File file) throws IOException
        InputStream in = url.openStream();
        FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(file);
        byte[] b = new byte[1024];
        int len;
        while((len = != -1) {
            out.write(b, 0, len);

    public static void toFile(File file, Object contents) throws
IOException {
        FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(file);

This of course fails, but I have absolutely no idea how to get the
ImageIcon object "contents" to write into the file "/path/to/my/file".


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