Re: static method and variables in servlets and APIs' classes

Mark Space <>
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:59:43 -0800
Garg wrote:

Hi All,

In my current project i found that a large number of methods are
public static. I am not getting why we need static methods and

Java, and servlets, is just programming. You make static methods and
variables in a servlet for the same reason you'd make them in a regular
Java program.

variables in servlets and apis' as we all know that on each request a
new instance of servlet is been created.

Er, no, we don't know that. It's not true. One instance is created of
each servlet, then it gets re-used for all requests until it's
destroyed. Or that's the most common implementation anyway. But
certainly nothing requires or implies that one instance is created per
request. Not even SingleThreadedModel does that.

I tried to find the answer but i confused some people take about
different instances of one object of servlet and some talk about
different treads of that same instance. Now i am trying to relate the

Your English is so bad here I can barely guess what you are saying. Do
you mean "some people take" or "some people talk?"

Any, please review your posts better before you send them, you'll better

A public static variable is a global variable, and it would be the same
in a regular Java program. A private static variable could be used as a

Static methods are useful for decomposition when there's no reason to
attach a method to a specific object. They're just generic operations.
  Often they get used for factory methods, but there are many other uses.

If you have some questions about a specific API or method or variable,
please say what it is, since that might also bear on the question.

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