Re: Stylistic note on loops

Lew <>
Sat, 20 Nov 2010 07:17:25 -0500
Ken Wesson wrote:

Java's MOVE CORRESPONDING is java.util.hashmap. If you store the records

There is no such class. Perhaps you meant 'HashMap'. Case matters in Java.
And there are many other implementations of 'Map'.

as hashmaps (or .properties files or any similar key/value format) when
on disk or in transit you get a similar effect.

These days though the need MOVE CORRESPONDING addressed is probably
handled by your RDBMS in some way, instead of in your client code, if
you're using modern tools.

There are lots of reasons to keep key-value pairs in memory, or to eschew
database systems in favor of other persistence mechanisms, "these days". If
you're using modern tools.

In fact, "these days" people are reinventing old-fashioned tools
("object-oriented" DBMSes, NoSQL) as if they were "modern". And RDBMSes have
been around for too long to consider them "modern" any more. These different
techniques - object-oriented (or "network") storage, in-memory maps, key-value
persistence - are all quite venerable and the decision points between them are
quite well established.


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