Re: Post not appear on group ""

 Manish Pandit <>
Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:21:49 -0700
On Aug 23, 6:15 am, Amit Jain <> wrote:

                        String language;
                        String country;
                        language = new String("hi");
                        country = new String("IN");

                        Locale currentLocale;
                        ResourceBundle messages;
                        currentLocale = new Locale(language, country);
                        messages =
                    }catch(Exception ex){
                        System.out.println("***exception***:-> "+ex);


One option you can try is to use database as your bundle. European
text is easy to store on a file system as ISO 8859-1, but for unicode,
you are better off using a database like MySQL. To give you an
example, I went to I pasted the word
" " (which is hindi for 'devnagri') from there on to wordpad,
saved it as text, and the text file did not contain unicode, nor it
contained any devnagri.

It worked on MySQL, where I used a JSP to submit it to a Java Servlet,
which added this word to a column, and I read it back on the next

On a side note, try to avoid using scriptlets in JSPs. Use Custom Tag
Libraries, or Struts TL/JSTL/EL instead. They are amazingly easy to
use and are pretty powerful in functionality. In fact, Struts has
built in support for resource bundles (message bundles) which can
handle arguments as well. For example - <%
out.println(messages.getString("greetings")); %> can be replaced with

<bean:message key="greetings" bundle="resourcebundle"/>

Where resourcebundle is the resource name you configure in struts.


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