Re: Reflection: Instantiate All Classes in a Package?

Joshua Cranmer <>
Fri, 23 Mar 2007 21:23:29 GMT
Jason Cavett wrote:

I was wondering...

Is it possible, by using Java reflection, to instantiate all classes
existing in a package without knowing the names of those classes. I'm
envisioning something like this (pseudocode):

Start my class
Class goes to package x
Package x contanis all the classes I need to instantiate
Using a (loop/something?) I loop through all the classes and
instantiate each one

To clarify what I'm trying to do, I am creatnig an error checking
application that relies on a series of rules that groups of developers
will code in Java (yeah, I realize I could have it in XML or something
that makes more sense, but I am the third or fourth developer to work
on this project). All the (compiled) classes are placed in a specific
package, but I never will know exactly which classes are there. I was
hoping for some way to discover and initialize them at runtime. (They
all implement the same interface, so that part is easy.)

Is this even possible? Is there a better solution? Thanks for any

Using Java reflection, the answer is NO. For more information, check the
message thread "Getting a list of classes in a package"; there is a nice
long discussion on class/package/reflection.

P.S. it generally helps to search recent posts on Usenet before asking a

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