Re: Static methods

Juha Laiho <>
Wed, 27 Dec 2006 16:07:03 GMT
<emu5m8$or2$1@ichaos2.ichaos-int> said:

Hi guys I am working on a program and I cant seem to figure out where
it is I am going wrong.
It is involving Bank accounts and PINs. I have a Bank class and a
BankAccount class.

In my BankAccount class I have a variable declared as private static
int pin.
as well as:
public static int checkPin()
 return pin;

In my Bank class I have
public double getBalance(String nameOfOwner, int finalPin)
int pin = BankAccount.checkPin();
if(pin != finalPin) return -1;
// rest of code to get balance, which works properly.

You already have gotten advise on some other aspects, but I'd like to
comment on your naming of things.

When you look at the "checkPin" method, does it really check a given pin?
No; what it does is that it gets the pin. Actually you check the pin in your
Bank.getBalance method (the "pin != finalPin" expression).

Rather, you could change the method to really check a pin, by changing
the return value into boolean - like
public boolean checkPin(int pinInput)
  return (pin == pinInput);

.... which you would then use like

public double getBalance(String nameOfOwner, int finalPin)
 BankAccount account;
 // somehow fetch the account for the owner, then check the pin
 if(account.checkPin(finalPin)) return -1;
// rest of code to get balance, which works properly.

Of course, to continue with this trend, I'm not certain whether
checking the pin belongs into a method called getBalance.
Wolf a.k.a. Juha Laiho Espoo, Finland
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