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Giovanni Dicanio
Re: about casting
ADO Connection Pooling Using CPP.
David Ching
Re: Animated gif
Khadijah Abdullah
Cannot compile
Igor Tandetnik
Re: CComVariant
Frederico Pissarra
Re: CoCreateGuid
June Lee
COM function
COM, .tli problem
Dan Bloomquist
Re: CRichEdit issue
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: CString question
Derived destructor not being called
ERROR_NO_TOKEN-CreateDispatch fails
Giovanni Dicanio
Alex Blekhman
Re: IActiveDesktop
David Ching
Re: IE automation
Alf P. Steinbach
Re: Init COM interfaces
Re: IUnknown
Karsten Schulz
Re: jpeg2000 thumbnail
Loading a .dll in ActiveX
MFC and COM with WMI
Re: MFC GoTo Bookmark Error
Re: MFC serialization of HICON
MSXML and Whitespace
James Duy Trinh \(VietDoor\)
Re: Problem with drag&drop into a control
Re: problem with release DLL.
Richedit problems
syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
=?UTF-8?Q?Jeff=E2=98 Relf?=
This code forces me to turn-off my PC.
Igor Tandetnik
Re: type safe issue
Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 Issue
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