Re: Combining two projects

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 6 Jun 2006 07:18:18 -0700
You would either have to copy the resource from the control onto the
CFormView dialog template that is running or else start a second view. You
would also have to copy the document data into one document unless you want
to have multiple document types. It's tough to say what is going on without
having more to go on, but combining the code is more than just copying the
files into one project set.

If you are intending to build more than one project, just from the same
solution file then you will have to either rebuild the solution or right
click on the second project and tell it to build from the menu. Otherwise,
the selected project will build.


"no root toe" <> wrote in message

I combined two projects into one, copying all the resources, etc. When I
run it the window that I brought over appears and runs, but how do I
call the 2nd window? All the classes were made using appwizard and are
based of CFormView

no root toe
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