Re: CFormView pointer issue

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 11:15:17 -0700
You could use UpdateAllViews() from the document to update this data as
well. Ithink you're going to have problems calling the DDX routines from
another thread. If you have to do it from another thread, you'll want to do
as David suggests and post a message to the UI thread to do the work for


"awu" <> wrote in message

I am using .NET 2005 MFC to create single DoC/View window program. The
base class is CFormView. I use a menu handler to generate a class
object. This class generates two new threads. I pass CMyView pointer
to this new class object. There are some edit boxes in CFormview to
display the value. After calculation in the new class, I want to pass
this new values back to edit box in the CFormView via the pointer, I
xxxx->pMyView->UpdateData(false) in the new class function.

I got a memory error. But if I tried UpdateData(false) inside MyView
class function, it is fine. I spent a lot of time, still can not
figure out the problem.

I really appreciate the help

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