Re: Is it possible to add CView inside CFormView?

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:48:39 -0800
I've seen people put views in views before, but never really understood why
since there is almost always a correlative control for the specialized view
and that is so much easier. I have had occasion to put dialogs on dialogs
(parent/child sort of thing), but I think that is a different animal.


"Mikel" <> wrote in message
On 12 nov, 11:50, srikadi <> wrote:

On Nov 12, 10:25 am, "Tom Serface" <> wrote:

The only reason to use a list control over a list view is you get the
benefit of making it easy to put other controls on the dialog in the
CFormView. Otherwise they are the same thing (CListView is just an
encapsulated CListCtrl). Being able to put other controls (a tree
buttons, edit controls, etc.) on the dialog is often a really nice


"srikadi" <> wrote in message


why every one suggests me to use CListCtrl instead of CListView.if any
reason for this plz provide supported documents.

k..but i have already CListViews i want to use
plz suggest me with CListView.- Ocultar texto de la cita -

- Mostrar texto de la cita -

Well, you've asked a question and several very experienced developers
(MVPs and stuff) have told you the same answer, so maybe that's the
way to go. If you explain better what you want to do (not how you
think it should be solved, but what you want to achieve), what are
your costraints (maybe some external code you can't touch), etc. you
might get a more elaborate answer.
But I would say that for the general question "how can I put a
CListView in a CFormView?", the answer you'll get most of the time is
"Use a CListCtrl, not a CListView".

Now, not being a big expert myself, I would say that you put controls
in a CFormView, not views. You don't put views in views. There is
probably a way around it, but it's probably more troublesome than
adapting the code to use a CListCtrl.

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