RE: Closing All Open Dialogs

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Tue, 22 Jul 2008 05:35:00 -0700
"SaranG(Saravanan)" wrote:

Hi all,
         I am developing Dialog based application.This application
contains so many no. of dialogs. So i need to close all open dialogs
when i click the button in one dialog like named "Close All". I tried
with OnCancel and OnOK both this will close only one dialog of which i
called from. So any one can help me.

Thanks in advance,

Hi SaranG,
nomally I use for multiple dialoges the classes CPropertySheet /
CPropertyPage. I don't know if you do so. But I will explain you the way to
close the pages on the following sample.

CPropertySheet = parent
+-> CPropertyPage -> CPropertySheet = parent
| : |
+-> CPropertyPage .. +-> CPropertyPage ..
| : | :
+-> CPropertyPage .. +-> CPropertyPage ..
| : | :

  OnOK ( CPropertyPage )
void CppXXXX::OnOK()
  // On button OK send a close message to the parent
  // ( CPropertySheet ) and let him close the childs
  CWnd* pParentWnd = GetParent();
  pParentWnd->SendMessage( WM_CLOSE, 0, (LPARAM)0 );

  OnOK ( CPropertySheet )
void CpshXXXX::OnClose()
  if( pDaten->m_pPropPages[i]->m_hWnd != NULL )
   { // send a close message to the child ( CPropertyPage )
     for( i = 0; i < 3; i++ )
      { CWnd* pChildWnd = FromHandle( pDaten->m_pPropPages[i]->m_hWnd );
        pChildWnd->SendMessage( WM_CLOSE, 0, (LPARAM)0 ); }

Continue this way until all your dialogues are closed. Also implement the
close for the cancel button.

Maybe it will help you.
werner m...

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