Re: PropertyPage problem

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 10 Jan 2008 07:10:35 -0800
<> wrote in message

Thank you for your reply.
My requirement is, I want to have a wizard kind of application where
in dialogs from different DLLs should be displayed one after the
1. Create a container (for ex: like propertysheet) in Application1.
2. To this container add different dialogs (for ex: like property
pages) from different DLLs. (dlg1 from DLL1, dlg2 from DLL2 etc).
3. When the Application1 is initialized / started, it should display
the first dialog (i.e. dlg1 from DLL1).
4. When I click on NEXT button of Application1, it should display the
second dialog (i.e. dlg2 from DLL2).
5. When I click on BACK button of Application1, it should display the
previous dialog with any old values already entered.


It is difficult to create property pages whose dialogs are in other DLL's.
The resaon is the constructor to CPropertyPage() uses the instance handle
gotten by AfxGetResourceHandle(), and this can only be set to one exe or
dll. Maybe you could derive a CMyPropertyPage class with a ctor that knows
how to call AfxSetResourceHandle() with the right prior to constructing the
dialog. Or maybe it's not the ctor that needs to do this, but another mthod
that actually does the creating of the window.

-- David

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