Re: EnterCriticalSection() is corrupting my heap

Stephen Kellett <>
Wed, 24 May 2006 18:10:52 +0100
In message <eA$6wSzfGHA.2172@TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl>, Arsalan Ahmad
<> writes

   m_pCS = pCS; <= This assignement is not working correctly and after
assignment m_pCS points to some garbage memory location

Do you call InitializeCriticalSection() anywhere? You must call this
once before you try entering the critical section. Doesn't look to me
like you are using MFC's CCriticalSection wrapper, so I assume you are
using the raw Win32 object. Hence you need to initialize it.

VOID InitializeCriticalSection(
  LPCRITICAL_SECTION lpCriticalSection // critical section

Thread Validator from Software Verification would have identified this
error if you had run your code through it.

Stephen Kellett
Object Media Limited
Computer Consultancy, Software Development
Windows C++, Java, Assembler, Performance Analysis, Troubleshooting

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